Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Saturday's performance

We're looking at a huge storm Saturday night but we've been working so hard that we can decide if we want to perform at another venue at the same time.  We have available a small church sanctuary in south San Jose or possibly a convalescent hospital.  We can decide what we want to do tomorrow night, so keep practicing!

Monday, December 13, 2010

This week's dress rehearsal

As in past dress rehearsals we should have down beat right at 7:30 p.m. this Thursday to polish up our performance and we don't have to go late (Drew, can you open the bandroom at 7:15?).  Please try to be there on time.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

thursday rehearsal

1.  The group wishes to rehearse this Thursday (Veteran's Day for some of us) so we'll meet and work on our Dec. 18 performance (not too many rehearsals left).  Please come join us!
2.  It looks like Trombone Day at California State East Bay will not happen this year - there's been no notice about it - but there will be a big one state wide in February.  We'll discuss possible attendance at reheasal:

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

6 days 'til Christmas

Only 6 rehearsal days until Christmas in the Park, that is.
Let us know if you are out of town but would like to join us and we'll put music in the mail for your.  The music requires at least 3 rehearsals for a passable performance, at least 4 (with the help of our regulars) for one we should be proud of.

See you Thursday!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

concert recordings done

1.  The CD's of our July concert are finally done and will be available at this week's rehearsal, no charge.  If you are away at school but participated, answer this email with an address and we'll send you one.

2.  We start rehearsing some pretty challenging and fun holiday charts this week, the better we know them the quicker we can work with the younger players when they're done with football season.  We'd like to focus on resolving some of the problems that appear on the concert recording.  Those of you away at college but want to join us (if you have in the past you know how much fun Christmas in the Park is) we'll send you rehearsal copies, just give us an address.    New and exciting charts are on the way!

See you Thursday!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chart Library

As of right now, this is the chart library for the tbone choir.  As said in the previous post, we're always looking for new pieces.  Specifically looking for something new for Christmas.  If you have any suggestions, comments, thoughts, etc, don't hesitate to let us know!

1. Achieved is the Glorious Work - arr. Miller - 4
2. Adagio from Symphony No. 3-Saint-Saens - arr. Greenawalt - 8
3. Allegro - Symphony No. 2-Rachmaninoff - 8
4. America the Beautiful - 4
5. Andante from Libera Me-Verdi - 6
6. Awakening Chorus - 6
7. Body and Soul - 6
8. Canzona for 8 Trombones-Hartley - 8
9. Dance of the Tumblers - 5
10. Ecce veniet dies illa-Palestrina – 8
11. Echo Song - 8       
12. 76 Trombones - 4
13. Fading Lights - 5
14. Finale from Faust - Gounod - 4
15. Rakoczy March - 4
16. Fugue in C minor - Bach - 5
17. Holy is God the Lord - 12
18. It’s All Right With Me - Kai Winding - 8
19. Funeral March - Grieg - 5
20. Laudamus Te - Vivaldi - 5
21. Minuet - Handel - 5
22. Night On Bald Mountain - 8
23. Smile - 4
24. Pavane - Ravel - 5
25. Pie Jesu - Faure - 4
26. Mein Junges Leben Hat Ein End - Verholst - 4
27.  Verbum caro Factum est Hassler - arr. Mathie- 6
28.  Pagent w/Sirens - Frith - 4
29.  Allegro Scherzo Symph. #8 - Beethoven - 6
30. Slavonic Dance #4 - Dvorak arr. Kaucher - 4
31. Magic “Trombone” Overture - Mozart - 4
32. Hungarian Dance - Brahms - Elkjer
33. Bermuda is Another World - McDonough - 4*
34. Rubber Duckie - 4
35. Saturn: The Bringer of Old Age - Holst - 8
36. 7 Quintettes - 5
37. High School Cadets - Sousa - 6
38. Speak Low - 6
39. Strong to Save - 4
40. A Sunday Afternoon Meditation from the Beer Tent - 8
41. Thaxted - 8
42. Trojan Trombones -6
43. Um Mitternacht - Bruckner - 5
44. Vorspiel Act III - Wagner - 8
45. When the Saints Meet Lassus Trombone - 5
46. All the King’s Men - 4
47. Mask -4
48. Monochrome II (Schikele) - 7
49. Debussy Minstrels - 4
50. Ballad by Shep - 5
51.  Shostakovich Prelude 20 - 5
52. Star Spangeled Banner - arr. Moffit  8
53. El Cangrejo  6
54. Mahler Finale from Symphony No.2 - arr. Zugger - 5
55. I’m Beginning to See the Light - arr. Elkjer - 4
56. The Big Splash - arr. Pederson - 6
57. Stravinsky Firebird Suite - arr. Buckmaster - 8
58. Neapolitanshes Tanzlied - Tchaikovsy - 4
59. All About Ronnie - 4
60. Salselo - Trombones de Costa Rico - 4
61. Two Almaines by Holbourne - 5
62. Prince of Attica - 6
63. Rose of Tralee – McDonough - 4
64. Xenomorphic Blues - 4
65. When the Midnight Choo-Choo Leaves for Alabam’ - 5
66. Ac-cent-chu-ate the Positive   5   
67. It Had To Be You  5
68. Finlandia  8
69. Bygones  5
70. Hymn for Trombones - Pederson  6
71. Nunc Dimittis - Holst - 8
72. Barber Adagio   6
73. War of the Priests - Mendelssohn
74. Super ‘Bones Jazz Suite Vol. 2 - Minor Excursion  4
75. Meaning of Swing - 4
76. Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring - Sauer  6
77. Carmen Suite - Prelude  12
78. March to the Scaffold  12
79. Jaco - 6
80. 63rd St. West - 8
81. Mambazo - Trombones Costa Rico - 4
82. You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away  6
83. I’m Getting Sentimental Over You   4
84. Last Tango In Bayreuth - Shickele - 4
85. Hymne by Vingalis* -Dvorak - 7
86. Angel Eyes - Elkjer - 4
87. Over the Rainbow - Elkjer - 4
88. All the Things You Are - Elkjer - 4
89. Saint Thomas - Elkjer - 4
90. Dolphin Dance - Elkjer - 4
91. Night in Tunisia - Elkjer - 4
92. Mr. Jums  8
93. Another Cat: Kracken  8
94. Summertime arr. DeSimone  5     
95. Frescobaldi Tocatta  6      
96. Big Spender  5
98. Easy Winners - 5
99. Fox Fanfare for Trombones - 5
100. Great Lakes Octet - 8
101. Courant - Praetorius - 4
102. Tower Music - Nelhybel - 8
103. Yorkshire Ballad - 7
104. Blue Topaz - 6 + Bass Solo
105. No More Blues - 4
106. Reflections - 5
107. Two Pieces - Isaac - 4
108. Flight of the Four Kings - Brubeck 4
109. Alma Llanera - Costa Rico Bones - 4
110. Ave Maria - Verdi/Hartman - 4
112. Joshua Fit the Battle – Woods - 5
113. Autumn Leaves - Kosma/Cross -4
114. Dance of the Dolphin - Pederson - 6
115. Elsa’s Procession - Wagner/Hanson - 6
116. Georgia - Carmichael/Luis - 4
118. Fantasia (Hypodorian) - Stoltzer/King - 5
119. My Funny Valentine - arr. Cross - 4
120. Pronouncement - 6
121. Someone to Watch - 8
122. Peter Ring -A-Dem Bells - 4
123. March Pontificale - 8
124. Ave Maria - Biebl - 7
125. God Bless America -5
126. Pater Noster - Sauer - 8
127. Super Bones Jazz Suite - 4
128. Washington Post - 6
129. Canzon Primi Toni -Gabrieli-8
130. 2 Selections from All Night Vigil - Rachmaninoff – 8
131. Remnants of a Fugue - 8
132. Longhorn-Davis-4
133. Foghorn Leghorn -Davis -4
134. Serenata - Albeniz - 4
135. Tango - Albeniz - 4
136. Maleguena - Albeniz - 4
137. Variations on “New World”
138. Nimrod - Elgar - 6
139. Benediction -4
142. Fanfare and Bone Dances - Gilroy - 8
143. March From 2nd Suite in F - Holst - 6
144. Uncle Remus - Macdowell - 6
145. Allegro Maestoso eVivace- Mendelssohn-8
146. Music Man - 5
147. St. Louis Blues - Holcombe - 4
148. Dolcissimo Mia Vita II - Gesualdo - 6
149. Abschiedslied - Coleman - 6
150. Pausenstomp - Azzopardi - 4
151. Back To The Fair - Reichenbach - 6
152. Take Me Out to the Ball Game - Elkjer
153. God Bless the Child - 8
154. Peg ‘O My Heart – Praetorius - 4
155. I’m Always Chasing Rainbows - Nelhybel
156. April Showers - Nelhybel
158. Green Dolphin Street - arr. Elkjer
159. That’s A Plenty - arr. Elkjer
160. Take 5 - arr. Elkjer
161. Watermelon Man - arr. Elkjer
162. Here’s That Rainy Day - arr. Elkjer
163. Royal Garden Blues - arr. Elkjer
164. Fantasy and Double Fugue - Ewezan

Upcoming events

1.  Our rehearsals this month have been well attended and we've had the opportunity to play more arrangements with larger voicings.  They've been great fun - people are choosing their favorites for future performances.   Attached is a current list of our library (there will be some new charts added permanently to the folder soon), feel free to bring some suggestions this week. It's in notepad to accomodate most word processing programs.  Only a couple more weeks or so left of playing charts for fun before rehearsal begins for Christmas in the Park.

2.  We're looking to purchase a new arrangement or two for San Jose's Christmas in the Park (our Trombone Christmas) which will take place Dec. 18 at 8 p.m., Saturday before Christmas Eve and the largest crowd for this event.  Check out and click on trombone ensembles to make suggestions (or for any other time of year).

3.  Copies of our concert are now being made, coming to a rehearsal real soon.

See you Thursday!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fwd: Christmas in the Park

1.  Once again we are invited to play San Jose's Christmas in the Park the Saturday night before Christmas, Dec. 18 at 8:00 p.m.  Please put this on your calendar (for the first time they actually called us).  Rehearsals for this event will begin, as usual, in October.  This is one of their best attended evenings and one of the largest audiences we play for.  Feel free to suggest new charts for this performance.
2.  Despite our special guest not showing, we had a huge group and everyone was very happy to play the larger-voiced arrangements. This can happen again this Thursday if everyone shows up that showed up last week - there are more great charts in the books we haven't played through in a while.
3.  Those of you who like movie music, particularly the James Bond themes, check out this trombone group from the University of Arts Berlin:
See you Thursday!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tony Clements from Stanford ...

Tony Clements will be joining us at rehearsal this Thursday, apparently news is getting out about us.  Mr. Clements is professor of tuba and instructs lower brass at Stanford, the director of the Silicon Valley Brass Band, and tubist with Symphony Silicon Valley.  And he wants to blow trombone with us!  We'd like everyone to be there if they can this Thursday (if you thought last week was fun....), this could be the start of something great.

The new music is in so we'll be playing some great charts.

See you Thursday!

An update - 8/24/10

1.  A former (and founding) member of the group, Hans Horn, tells us of a bass bone opening with a group up the peninsula.  They rehearse on Tuesday nights in Palo Alto (Cubberly Community Center), 7PM-9PM.  The group is led by Lori Stotko, who plays trombone herself and piano. 

2.  We just received another invitation for Christmas in the Park.  Feel free to look at the Hickeys link and help us choose some new tunes this year (and anything else that looks interesting to you):

3.  We will be deciding on how many voices our new music will be over the next few rehearsals, so if 100 players show up, we'll find tunes with 100 parts (O.K., an exagerration????)

4.  The CD of our concert, hopefully, should be available within the next week or two.  Those of you out of town who'd like a copy, let us know your address.

5.  Enjoy the Trombones de Costa Rico (yes, another arrangement is on the way) playing a straight version of Bach's Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fwd: Next sessions

1.  Great job by everyone Friday night!  We had great comments and more people came up to talk with us afterward.  CDs should be available soon
2.  We now enter one of the best times of the year, playing through great literature and new music as it arrives in a relaxed atmosphere.  We'll discuss future performances based on our numbers (there is still interest to do an antiphonal concert in a catherdral environment sometime in the future).
3.  Our director, Vernon Miyata, reminds us of why we formed the group (keep in mind each section is a movement of the piece): 
If this is you, you need to come sit in.
See you Thursday!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Practice Tomorrow Night ... Concert on Friday

Tomorrow night's rehearsal is the last one for the performance on Friday.

Be there!!

And if you can't perform this time, come on out for the concert. They're always great fun. Santa Clara High School Performing Arts Complex.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Upcoming concert/concerns

Hi Folks
Many of you have played shows, and if you can picture having opening day in a week and you still haven't run through the play with all of the main actors, that's about where we are for our annual concert.  As this is the smallest performing group we've for our summer concert and every player is crucial, we strongly urge your presence this Thursday to run through the  program. Next Thursday is dress rehearsal and the concert. The band room will be open this Thursday at 7:15 p.m. and downbeat at 7:30.  Most likely, as in the past, the concert will be recorded and you will be taking home a copy of it.  As we'd love the recording to show our best playing we request you woodshed your more challenging sections of the program to obtain our best performance.  We will put our performance folders together at this week's rehearsal and you should be able to take the book home to practice. 
Tentative Program
Echoe Song
Ecce Veniet dies illa
Verbum Caro Factus Est
Canzona Primi Toni
Night In Tunisia
San Thomas
Hungarian Dance
Bach Fugue
Washington Post
Rakoczy March
Medley from "The Music Man" (Vernon Miyata arrangement)
As the Mercury News and Chronicle have accepted our notice for the first time, we should have a good turnout.
Let's knock 'em dead!
See you Thursday (tonight!)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

sf gate listing

4 rehearsals left!

We have a wonderful program planned for our formal concert on the 30th, we need to spend our remaining time polishing the pieces.  From Sousa to Showtunes to Salsa to Bach, we have it all.  

Please plan on attending this Thursday to help prepare for  one of the highlights of our year.  Our notice was just accepted by S.F. Gate, managed by the San Francisco Chronicle, so we want to put our best foot forward!  

The turnout this week will determine what pieces we play.

See you Thursday!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A sad goodbye, upcoming concert

1.  Alex Harline stopped by last week to let us know he and his family are moving to Texas.  We'd like to thank his dad, Hugh, for all the hard work he's done in photographing the group and his wonderful talent for getting us to pose for some great pictures.  For many samples of his fabulous work, check out our website and the wonderful cover he did for our promotional CD.  And our appreciation for Alex's musicianship, this is a fine player who has truly grown with the group musically.  Best of luck and many thanks to the Harline family, please come back and visit us (and Alex, be sure to sit in).

2.  Even though we're pretty familiar with our program for the July 30 (and possible antiphonal) concert, we now have an opportunity to polish our performance by working on the small nuances that make for a great performance.  The only way to do this is by attending rehearsals as much as possible between now and the end of July.  Many of us are beginning to appreciate the wonderful charts we are playing as we approach the marked tempos of the music (click on and listen to our arrangement of the Hungarian
Dance, we're almost there: - but we may not go quite that fast).

3.  We are seeing more players attending rehearsal as their schedules free up for the summer.  Come help them get familiar with the music (and if you haven't attended rehearsals for awhile, now's the time).

4.  Those of you who borrowed copies from the books for the baseball game concert, please return them as soon as possible.
See you Thursday!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

This week's rehearsal, lots more

1.  Our formal concert date will be July 30 at 8 p.m.
2.  If we have enough players we'll pursue an antiphonal performance at a downtown San Jose cathedral-like venue within a week or so of the concert date.
3.  Julie Bounds, the President of the Santa Clara County High School Band Director's Association, sent out a wonderful posting to the band directors (over 45) about our group.  We may be seeing a good turnout this week and/or the following.
4.  This week's rehearsal will focus on the antiphonal music, the Bach Fugue in C, and a Night in Tunisia.  We may run through some we did last week if we have a good turnout of new players.
5.  The group voted to make a couple of performance rules due to previous problems:
     - All performers need to attend at least 4 rehearsals before a performance (not necessarily consecutively) and show a familiarity with the music.
     - If a player wishes to perform but cannot meet the above criteria before a performance they may request that they "audition" with the group with the group determining if the sound of the group as a whole is ready.  In other words, if a performer cannot make rehearsals on a regular basis the performer may ask the group if the group feels they are ready.
6.  Our director, Vernon Miyata, found this wonderful website.  Lots of useful information and history:
See you Thursday!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Concert date

1.  Thanks to everyone who participated in the Giants game yesterday.  Great job!

2.  We have a choice of 2 dates for our summer concert at the Santa Clara High School Performing Arts Center.  Please let us know as soon as possible (hopefully by this Thursday) if you can not make either Friday July 30th or Friday August 6.    We will schedule the performance on the date we have the most available performers.  As in the past the concert should start around 8 p.m.  We'll also try to schedule a performance around the date for a possible antiphonal concert downtown.

3.  The high school band director letters go out tomorrow, Tuesday, June 1, and we'll be having some of our college students joining us soon, so our numbers should be growing over the next couple of weeks.

4.  If we have at least 8 players by 7:30 p.m. on Thursday we'll practice the antiphonal pieces. 
See you Thursday!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

S.J.Giants games for this year

We wanted to get this information out to you as soon as possible.  After checking available dates  from everyone (thanks for turning your info in as soon as you did) we will not have enough players to do any more home games for the San Jose Giants this year.  This Sunday (May 30th) will be our only date.
If your schedules change let us know as soon as possible and we'll try to secure another day.  We'll resume our concert rehearsals after next week.
See you Thursday!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Giants dates reminder

Please don't forget to let us know what dates you can play for a home game so we can get them into the S.J. Giants before they're given away to someone else.  We're shooting for, hopefully, a date or two with the large group.  Here they are one more time:
June 25, Friday evening
June 26, Saturday "
June 27, Sunday afternoon.
July 10, Saturday early evening
July 11, Sunday early evening
July 20, Tuesday  "
July 21, Wednesday  "
July 24th, Saturday  "
July 25th, Sunday  "
Bring your dates to rehearsal or let us know via email what dates you can do.  Again, if you've never done one, join us and see why the group finds them so much fun!
See you Thursday!


Monday, May 10, 2010

two shameless plugs from Hans Horn


in case anybody runs idle the upcoming two Sunday afternoons: there are concerts by OWO and SVBB worth attending (see attachments).


May 30 Giants Game

1.  We should have enough players to do the Sunday, May 30th, San Jose Giants game, although we may need some help on bass bone.  Starting time (if we do the Barbecue and at this time it is planned) would be at 4 p.m. with the Star Spangled Banner at 5.  God Bless America is at the 7th inning stretch.  We'll be playing Vernon Miyata's wonderful arrangements. 
2.  If you found the music last week a bit more challenging than you like, we can easily rewrite the parts to accommodate your level of playing.  We would really like you to continue to be a member of our "family" of trombonists and encourage you to keep coming, it will only make you a better musician. 
4.  The group discussed at last rehearsal a goal of getting the largest group we have to play together at one (or more) of the San Jose Giants games.  If you've never done one you should join us and see why everyone loves doing them.  The home schedule (excluding Thursdays, it's Country and Western night - they have a set group for Thursdays):
June 25, Friday evening
June 26, Saturday "
June 27, Sunday afternoon.
July 10, Saturday early evening
July 11, Sunday early evening
July 20, Tuesday  "
July 21, Wednesday  "
July 24th, Saturday  "
July 25th, Sunday  "
Let us know Thursday night or via email what date or dates you'd be free and like to do a game.  They love us and told us to let them know what dates we can do.
We can't consider the July 4th weekend as too many of our players will be unavailable.
5.  Our July 23rd formal concert is being rescheduled due to conflicts.  Besides many of the great charts we've been working on we will be performing several antiphonal works with, as the group has been discussing, a possible short concert around the arranged date of the formal concert at either the San Jose City Hall rotunda and/or an historic downtown cathedral before the end of the summer (if we have enough members).  Stay tuned.
See you Thursday!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May 30 Giants game, Formal concert.

1.  We've been sent several dates to play at the San Jose Giants games
for either this weekend or a weekday, or Sunday May 30, so we
tentatively scheduled for the May 30,   5 p.m. game with a concert
before hand at the barbecue (before some else grabbed the date - they
go fast).  This is Memorial Day Weekend so if we have the players,
we'll have the crowd. Please RSVP ASAP if you CAN or CANNOT do it, so
if we don't have enough players we can let them know and we'll try
another time.  Here's the possible line-up we settled on last
rehearsal (not necessarily in this order):
Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Trojan Trombones
Take 5
Fripperies #13
Joshual Fit the Battle
St. Thomas
Washington Post
Hungarian Dance
76 Trombones
Let us know if you need any rehearsal copies.  If you haven't done a
game with us before you're in for a real treat!

2.  Our formal concert is tentatively scheduled at the Santa Clara
Performing Arts Center on Friday, July 23, at 8 p.m.  We have another
great program of antiphonal music and other wonderful stuff lined up!
See you Thursday.

Monday, April 19, 2010

4/22 rehearsal

Thanks to everyone for a great rehearsal last Thursday.  After reading through a few more of the great new charts we've just received, we'll work a bit on Hungarian Dance, Pagaent, and Salsealo this coming Thursday (4/29).
See you then!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Giants!

1.  Yes, the San Jose Giants have invited us back to play, always a great time.  They want to use us when we're ready. The group agreed to mix the rehearsals up with a barbecue set and our next formal concert, so come join us for the new music that is expected to arrive this week.  We'll also run through the larger voicing antiphonal works if we have enough players. Be ready to rehearse Pagaent and possibly Salsealo, as well as some old favorites.

3. Practice tonight at 7:30.  Be ready to play and have fun!

Our next performance

1. We are currently working on a program of antiphonal works written or arranged for trombone choir by Gabrielli, De Lasso, Palestrina, and others to perform in the San Jose City Hall Rotunda and possibly the Episcopalian or Catholic Cathedrals downtown.  The group has also selected the following pieces to perform:
  • Bach Fugue in C Minor
  • Beethoven's Allegretto Scherzando from the 8th Symphony
  • Salsealo by Vinicio Meza
  • A jazz arrangement of Brahm's Hungarian Dance by Robert Elkjer
  • And Washington Post!
We are in need of mid voices (the less difficult parts) so students are encouraged to attend.

2.  Imagine performing a piece like this in a domed environment instead of a stage like at Columbia University:
Come join us Thursday night at 7:30 p.m. in the Santa Clara High School Bandroom!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


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