Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tony Clements from Stanford ...

Tony Clements will be joining us at rehearsal this Thursday, apparently news is getting out about us.  Mr. Clements is professor of tuba and instructs lower brass at Stanford, the director of the Silicon Valley Brass Band, and tubist with Symphony Silicon Valley.  And he wants to blow trombone with us!  We'd like everyone to be there if they can this Thursday (if you thought last week was fun....), this could be the start of something great.

The new music is in so we'll be playing some great charts.

See you Thursday!

An update - 8/24/10

1.  A former (and founding) member of the group, Hans Horn, tells us of a bass bone opening with a group up the peninsula.  They rehearse on Tuesday nights in Palo Alto (Cubberly Community Center), 7PM-9PM.  The group is led by Lori Stotko, who plays trombone herself and piano. 

2.  We just received another invitation for Christmas in the Park.  Feel free to look at the Hickeys link and help us choose some new tunes this year (and anything else that looks interesting to you):

3.  We will be deciding on how many voices our new music will be over the next few rehearsals, so if 100 players show up, we'll find tunes with 100 parts (O.K., an exagerration????)

4.  The CD of our concert, hopefully, should be available within the next week or two.  Those of you out of town who'd like a copy, let us know your address.

5.  Enjoy the Trombones de Costa Rico (yes, another arrangement is on the way) playing a straight version of Bach's Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fwd: Next sessions

1.  Great job by everyone Friday night!  We had great comments and more people came up to talk with us afterward.  CDs should be available soon
2.  We now enter one of the best times of the year, playing through great literature and new music as it arrives in a relaxed atmosphere.  We'll discuss future performances based on our numbers (there is still interest to do an antiphonal concert in a catherdral environment sometime in the future).
3.  Our director, Vernon Miyata, reminds us of why we formed the group (keep in mind each section is a movement of the piece): 
If this is you, you need to come sit in.
See you Thursday!