Monday, May 10, 2010

May 30 Giants Game

1.  We should have enough players to do the Sunday, May 30th, San Jose Giants game, although we may need some help on bass bone.  Starting time (if we do the Barbecue and at this time it is planned) would be at 4 p.m. with the Star Spangled Banner at 5.  God Bless America is at the 7th inning stretch.  We'll be playing Vernon Miyata's wonderful arrangements. 
2.  If you found the music last week a bit more challenging than you like, we can easily rewrite the parts to accommodate your level of playing.  We would really like you to continue to be a member of our "family" of trombonists and encourage you to keep coming, it will only make you a better musician. 
4.  The group discussed at last rehearsal a goal of getting the largest group we have to play together at one (or more) of the San Jose Giants games.  If you've never done one you should join us and see why everyone loves doing them.  The home schedule (excluding Thursdays, it's Country and Western night - they have a set group for Thursdays):
June 25, Friday evening
June 26, Saturday "
June 27, Sunday afternoon.
July 10, Saturday early evening
July 11, Sunday early evening
July 20, Tuesday  "
July 21, Wednesday  "
July 24th, Saturday  "
July 25th, Sunday  "
Let us know Thursday night or via email what date or dates you'd be free and like to do a game.  They love us and told us to let them know what dates we can do.
We can't consider the July 4th weekend as too many of our players will be unavailable.
5.  Our July 23rd formal concert is being rescheduled due to conflicts.  Besides many of the great charts we've been working on we will be performing several antiphonal works with, as the group has been discussing, a possible short concert around the arranged date of the formal concert at either the San Jose City Hall rotunda and/or an historic downtown cathedral before the end of the summer (if we have enough members).  Stay tuned.
See you Thursday!