Wednesday, June 9, 2010

This week's rehearsal, lots more

1.  Our formal concert date will be July 30 at 8 p.m.
2.  If we have enough players we'll pursue an antiphonal performance at a downtown San Jose cathedral-like venue within a week or so of the concert date.
3.  Julie Bounds, the President of the Santa Clara County High School Band Director's Association, sent out a wonderful posting to the band directors (over 45) about our group.  We may be seeing a good turnout this week and/or the following.
4.  This week's rehearsal will focus on the antiphonal music, the Bach Fugue in C, and a Night in Tunisia.  We may run through some we did last week if we have a good turnout of new players.
5.  The group voted to make a couple of performance rules due to previous problems:
     - All performers need to attend at least 4 rehearsals before a performance (not necessarily consecutively) and show a familiarity with the music.
     - If a player wishes to perform but cannot meet the above criteria before a performance they may request that they "audition" with the group with the group determining if the sound of the group as a whole is ready.  In other words, if a performer cannot make rehearsals on a regular basis the performer may ask the group if the group feels they are ready.
6.  Our director, Vernon Miyata, found this wonderful website.  Lots of useful information and history:
See you Thursday!