Thursday, July 22, 2010

Upcoming concert/concerns

Hi Folks
Many of you have played shows, and if you can picture having opening day in a week and you still haven't run through the play with all of the main actors, that's about where we are for our annual concert.  As this is the smallest performing group we've for our summer concert and every player is crucial, we strongly urge your presence this Thursday to run through the  program. Next Thursday is dress rehearsal and the concert. The band room will be open this Thursday at 7:15 p.m. and downbeat at 7:30.  Most likely, as in the past, the concert will be recorded and you will be taking home a copy of it.  As we'd love the recording to show our best playing we request you woodshed your more challenging sections of the program to obtain our best performance.  We will put our performance folders together at this week's rehearsal and you should be able to take the book home to practice. 
Tentative Program
Echoe Song
Ecce Veniet dies illa
Verbum Caro Factus Est
Canzona Primi Toni
Night In Tunisia
San Thomas
Hungarian Dance
Bach Fugue
Washington Post
Rakoczy March
Medley from "The Music Man" (Vernon Miyata arrangement)
As the Mercury News and Chronicle have accepted our notice for the first time, we should have a good turnout.
Let's knock 'em dead!
See you Thursday (tonight!)